Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director



Sagittarius | ENTP | Gryffindor

[Feyth Vohng-Soo-Vahn]

I'm Fayethe, a big-haired extrovert, born in California and raised everywhere.

Aside from art-directing 9 to 5, I spend my off-hours making oversaturated stickers on Giphy and hand-lettering prints in my just-for-fun Etsy shop. 

I recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with an Advertising BFA. At SCAD, I had the opportunity to not only explore advertising creative, but photography, motion media, UX research, and interaction design. I love putting my various creative skills to use with diverse teams to solve problems, and have had the opportunity to do so in branded collaborations and at ad agencies in San Francisco and Chicago.

I’m currently on the hunt for a real-life grown-up job at a creative agency that lets me infuse culture into the creative and keeps the coffee bar stocked with alternative milks.