Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director

refresh your routine

ben’s beginners by uncle ben’s

The Brand:

Uncle Ben’s created the Ben’s Beginners program to encourage parents to teach their children healthy cooking skills from a young age.

The Problem:

Parents strive to their kids the best life, this sometimes manifests in transporting kids between practice, recitals, and study groups in hopes of helping them become well-rounded individuals. Busy schedules can turn into tedious nightmares for parents and children alike, leaving families to worn out to enjoy each other.

The Platform:

Uncle Ben's is the key to refreshing a mundane routine.


Ben’s Place

Parents tend to eat out when they feel like time is limited, and they need a quick fix. Ben's Place is a pop-up restaurant with a twist. Instead of the food being served to you, you and your family would have to cook it. Cooking can be just as quick and easy as ordering food.


Family Food Truck

Parents miss out on home-cooked meals due to their evening commutes. This would literally interrupt people’s commutes as a clear food truck would drive through rush hour traffic with a family cooking inside. With this stunt, Uncle Ben’s is saying that this shouldn’t be your reality, and won’t be with the help of Uncle Ben.


Ben’s & Amazon

Kid Karts

Uncle Ben's would partner with Amazon to create the same allure of a pre-prepped meal box, but at a much lower cost. When families are short on time, or just crave spontaneity, they can push their Uncle Ben’s Dash Button to receive a meal kit in 2 hours or less.

This simple mat in kid's shopping carts gameifies the grocery shopping experience for kids. Each “Kid Kart” is outfitted with a physical check list. Kid’s are challenged to build a healthy meal beginning with Ben.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.46.57 AM.png

This campaign was completed for my intern project at BBDO San Francisco.

Creative: Fayethe Vongsouvanh & Hope Thomas
Production: Josh Soyombo
Strategy: Mary Lawhorn & Jay Goodwin
Accounts: Anand Shah, Chloe Lettice, Daniella Lucio, & Josh Soyombo