Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director

the original


Skechers made the original chunky sneaker.

Bring consumers away from the expensive chunky sneakers. Give an alternative to overpriced Balenciagas and Yeezys.

The fledgling Hypebeast, young adults embracing today’s trends. They can’t afford to dress how they feel and pay rent. They have to make a decision to choose what they need over what they want, when all they want is to express their unique selves.

Encourage originality and uniqueness. Skechers created the first chunk sneaker and wants to remind those who are embracing the trend. Skechers hasn’t changed to fit the mold. Why should you?


The Pop-Up Experience

Skechers celebrates the drop of their D’Lites 3 sneakers with pop-up experience. Each room is designed by a young artist, celebrating their originality along with Skechers’. Exclusive accessories and merch are available, as well.




Brand Manifesto Film

Print Ads

Poster Series

Each poster celebrates someone who did something exceptional while staying true to themselves. 

Social Content

Student Work | Myself & Alexander Bernson