Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director

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diana f+ lomography camera

The Camera:

The flexible Diana F+ brings the art of lomography to any photographer, whether they’re first time shooters or veteran photophiles.

The Idea:

Lomoscopes: A Guide to the Retro Photophile

Any lomo photographer will tell you, while there’s plenty of wrong ways, there’s no one right way to shoot. To celebrate this, here’s a list of photophiles who understand that the first step to being the best, is to first be yourself. Some shoot for glory, others for pain, some just found a camera in their Grandma’s attic, one way or another each one is undeniably unique.

Photography Magazine Blog Post

Photography Magazine Blog Post


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Student Work | Photography by Charlotte Reece | Copywriting by Zach Pittman | Art Direction by Myself