Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director

google maps reimagined

Google x SCADpro

The Brief:
Research and develop a reimagined Google Maps experience for young-urban users, globally.

The Team:
Our team represented 19 students encompassing 9 majors from all over the world: a diverse team excited to design for a global audience.

The Process:
10 weeks = 4 weeks of research + 1 week of ideation + 4 weeks of prototyping & testing + 1 week of presentation preparation

Googlers across multiple disciplines helped us along the way by lending their design and research methods in workshops at SCADpro.


Where’s the Work?

Right now, I have to keep things hush-hush because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. If you work at Google, and would like to learn more, please contact me or view our online process book.

My Roles

UX Researcher

I dipped my toes in research, contributed in ideation sessions, and aided in user-testing sessions. My team built user archetypes, personas, and journey maps from our research.

Art Director / Designer

I translated our themes and research into visuals and diagrams that were then implemented in the process book, website, and presentation decks. I even lent a hand in copywriting.


Our story team built a presentation to show the Googlers how every feature on our final product was designed specifically for our users. (Google UXers did shed some happy tears.)

SCADpro teams are hand-picked by SCAD faculty to collaborate with huge brands. I was honored to work with this talented crew.

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