Fayethe Vongsouvanh
Art Director

beyond the box

packed with purpose

The Brand:

Packed with Purpose is a gifting company based in Chicago with a social mission. Each gift box provides opportunities for and empowers those who make them: the Purposeful Purveyors.

The Brief:

Develop a multi-channel creative platform with a focus on corporate gifting. 

The Platform: Exponential Gifting

Most gifts involve a brief transaction. Ordering a box from Packed with Purpose ignites a chain reaction of social impact that goes beyond what any other gifting company can offer. 


Purveyor Stories

Showcasing the impact one PwP gift creates for the Purposeful Purveyors via Instagram and an IGTV series.


Web Banners & LinkedIn InMail

Online messaging targeted at those in the office making the gift orders via SEO.


Pinterest Pincodes

The addition of Pincodes onto gift packaging makes sharing the impact even easier.

Upon scanning in the Pinterest app, a board opens with information about the contents of the box and the purveyors behind each gift item.


Inflight Impact

Packed with Purpose will partner with United Airlines to create Business Class amenity kits. Office executives will experience the impact of a Packed with Purpose gift firsthand.


Snack with Impact

These vending machines introduce a unique way to create social impact while creating office buzz.

Vending machines placed in office buildings will only let the user choose a social mission to support. When they make a donation, a snack item with the corresponding social impact will be dispensed.


Completed for my EnergyBBDO internship project

Experiential Art Direction & Illustration Fayethe Vongsouvanh | Copywriting & Voice Talent Jacob Neuwenswander | Art Direction Scott McIntosh | Design Sam Buterbaugh | Animation & Sound Design Jesseca Rodgers